Old friends, new places, and plenty of conversation. And a little (ok, a LOT) of snow to top it off?  It was almost more than my little photographer heart could stand!  In late November, I packed my camera gear, my warmest clothes, and my passport to head north.

Keeping with my goal to put a stamp on the passport at least once a year, I flew up to Calgary, Alberta, where I was greeted by lifetime friend and mentor, Holly. Everyone needs a Holly. She’s the late night skyping, advice giving, laughing at your awful jokes kind of friend. She remembers how awkward you were at 13, but doesn’t remind you. And she greets you at the airport with a giant sign that causes everyone to stare. You can read her account of our trip here. Holly is an author, and blows my writing out of the water. Which is why I took plenty of photos.

First stop? Banf! This ski resort, mountain town will take your breath away. We swam in natural springs, browsed the adorable rows of shops, and rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain, where the view was STUNNING.


Terrified that a slip would send me to a terrible end, I stuck close to the side, but had to get plenty of shots of the beautiful winter scene.  The gorgeous snow drifts warmed this former Wisconsin girl’s heart. Don’t be surprised to see these in a Christmas card next year.2013-05-02_0002




The rest of the week was filled with photo shoots. We had quite the agenda: family portraits, head shots for Holly’s upcoming book cover, couples session for Holly and her hubby, Peter, and some children’s portraits to boot. We were so lucky to have access to a stunning location: a 1950’s department store, closed but still partially furnished. Old dressing rooms and sales counters were fair game. We even found a few cool props, including the store safe! The shoot was pure fun.



Peter & Holly, you two know how to work the camera! This is after more than 10 years of marriage, and you still look good in love!

2012-11-28_009So what does a decade of marriage mean? A gorgeous family! These guys were so playful. We were given full access to the local theater’s wardrobe, and they put it to good use.



This little guy stole the show!

I’ll leave you with an image of Toronto sky on the flight home. It was already dark out, but as the plane rose in the sky, we could see the glimmer of the sunset. A perfect ending!2013-05-02_0005