Have you ever been around a couple that just can’t stop making eyes at each other, making one-another laugh constantly, and who are without a doubt madly in love?  Meet Brian and Emily!  In early April, after a long and harsh winter we arrived at New Kent Winery.  They saw their last snowfall for the year only one week earlier.  The weather had finally made a turn towards spring!  The sun was out, the weather was an amazing low-70’s, and it was gearing up to fabulous day to have an outdoor ceremony.  2014-07-11_0002_blogsm
2014-07-11_0005_blogsm 2014-07-11_0006_blogsm 2014-07-11_0007_blogsm2014-07-11_0009_blogsm
2014-07-11_0010_blogsm 2014-07-11_0011_blogsm 2014-07-11_0012_blogsm 2014-07-11_0013_blogsmBrian and Emily met through mutual friends and immediately hit it off.  Their first date was at a wine bar so they naturally picked this charming location for their wedding.  Brian’s proposal was so sweet.  Emily used to leave Brian love notes in the mornings before going to work since she left the house earlier then him.  On Emily’s birthday last year, Brian took her to a nice restaurant.  When they got home, Emily found a carved wooden box with a picture of the two of them on the table.  When she opened it she found the ring box and to her surprise all the love notes she had left him.  She says she didn’t even know he had save them.

2014-07-11_0016_blogsm 2014-07-11_0017_blogsm 2014-07-11_0018_blogsm 2014-07-11_0019_blogsm 2014-07-11_0020_blogsm 2014-07-11_0021_blogsmThe vineyard had a golf cart waiting for the portrait session after the ceremony.  This adventurous couple was excited to take full advantage of the vineyard’s beautiful setting for their pictures.  After family formals we hopped on the golf cart and circulated around the grounds of the winery getting a tone of pictures of these two love birds right as the sun began to set.  These two knew photography was very important to them and planned accordingly, giving us lots of time to get a variety of shots and locations for their pictures.

2014-07-11_0027_blogsm 2014-07-11_0028_blogsm 2014-07-11_0029_blogsm 2014-07-11_0030_blogsm 2014-07-11_0031_blogsm 2014-07-11_0032_blogsm 2014-07-11_0033_B&W_blogsm 2014-07-11_0035_blogsm 2014-07-11_0037_blogsm 2014-07-11_0038_blogsm 2014-07-11_0039_blogsm 2014-07-11_0040_blogsm 2014-07-11_0041_blogsmWe want to give a huge shout-out to Mosaic Restaurant.  They always do an incredible job decorating in addition to having amazing food!  So at this point in the evening these two were ready to celebrate with their family and friends.  And their family and friends were ready to dance!  2014-07-11_0022_blogsm 2014-07-11_0023_blogsm 2014-07-11_0024_blogsm 2014-07-11_0025_blogsm 2014-07-11_0042_blogsm 2014-07-11_0043_blogsm 2014-07-11_0044_blogsm 2014-07-11_0045_blogsm 2014-07-11_0046_blogsm 2014-07-11_0047_blogsmCongratulations Emily and Brian!

Location: New Kent Winery | Catering: Mosaic Catering
Officient: Mallie Murray | Florist: FloraWork (Annette)
Transportation: TNT Limo | Hair & Makeup: Lou Stevens
Cake: Sorry folks, it was a talented family friend!