Cat and Justin flew to Virginia  all the way from their home in Colorado to say their vows and celebrate their love. They were rewarded  in a huge way with plenty of sunshine, lots of dancing, and a wedding day that came together beautifully!  Between heartfelt toasts in spanish and the family style banquet tables for their guests, this wedding was truly centered around family and friends. We were so happy to be their for their amazing day and are thrilled to share just a few sneak peeks. Congratulations, Cat and Justin!new_kent_winery_wedding)001001 new_kent_winery_wedding)001003 new_kent_winery_wedding)001002new_kent_winery_wedding)001004 new_kent_winery_wedding)001005 new_kent_winery_wedding)001006 new_kent_winery_wedding)001007 new_kent_winery_wedding)001008 new_kent_winery_wedding)001009 new_kent_winery_wedding)001010

You have to love the stages of emotions on Justin’s face when he saw his bride for the first time!new_kent_winery_wedding)001011 new_kent_winery_wedding)001012 new_kent_winery_wedding)001013 new_kent_winery_wedding)001014 new_kent_winery_wedding)001015 new_kent_winery_wedding)001016 new_kent_winery_wedding)001017 new_kent_winery_wedding)001018 new_kent_winery_wedding)001019

Officially married!new_kent_winery_wedding)001020 new_kent_winery_wedding)001021 new_kent_winery_wedding)001022

We only had a tiny bit of light left, so we were thrilled to steal a few shots in the vineyard!new_kent_winery_wedding)001023 new_kent_winery_wedding)001024 new_kent_winery_wedding)001025 new_kent_winery_wedding)001026 new_kent_winery_wedding_33new_kent_winery_wedding)001027

 After two weddings in a row from Sharper Palate, we’re hooked- the sweet potato bar is HEAVEN y’all!2014-10-31_0035new_kent_winery_wedding)001028

 This was Cat’s genius idea: a charging station for the reception!new_kent_winery_wedding)001029 new_kent_winery_wedding)001030 new_kent_winery_wedding)001031 new_kent_winery_wedding)001032

  Venue: New Kent Winery

Coordination: Emmett Hickam,  Richmond Bridal Consulting

Officiant: Reverend Ken Lane

Flowers: Flowers by Zoie

Favors (wine charms): DIY

Hair & Makeup: Avenue 42

DJ: Choice Entertainment / Eric Cunningham

Catering: A Sharper Palate

Transportation: James River Transportation


As i can see this, your Photos are really amazing !!

Capture photography! So AMAZING! we love these and can’t wait to see the rest!

Very nice so far! Looking forward to seeing the rest:)