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Welcome! We’re Jenny and Allison of Capture Photography. We’re a dynamic team of photographers based in Richmond, Virginia. Combining our fine art background and photo-journalistic style, we are the answer for couples who are looking for truly authentic photos. Our ability to be in two places at once will provide you with a wedding experience like no other!  We’re not talking about about a second shooter, we are two photographers with equal experience and training.

We know that you’ve been warned dozens of times that your wedding will go by in a rush. Go ahead, live your big day to the fullest, because we’ve got this. With our two-camera approach, we’ll capture all the important moments- from the quiet hush of putting the bride’s veil into place, to your groom’s saucy grin as you leave the building to start your lives together. We are here to preserve your unique love story and blissful wedding day moments forever.

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When we got a last minute call for a sunset wedding with magical twinkle lights and an impressive locale, it was an easy YES! And the first encounter with the warm and welcoming bride quickly told us that anyone who can go with the flow as easily as Laura and CJ did…well, they are more […]

A Quirk Hotel Wedding: Michelle + Turner

From the bright love of their families to the design touches curated by Michelle’s expertise (she’s a photographer AND an art director…clearly a woman after our hearts), it was a wedding that came together effortlessly.We could photograph Michelle & Turner for the rest of forever, and never tire of it.  It was an honor to document such […]

5 Richmond Engagement Portrait Locations

Running a small business in Richmond, Virginia is a huge source of pride for us. There is SO much to love about RVA: festivals every weekend, over 500 locally owned restaurants, an inspiring art scene…the creativity and passion in this city is endless.  And the secret is slowly getting out; Richmond has been making headlines recently as a […]

Wedding Photography Team

Wedding Photography Team

We met as students in the Photography program at Virginia Commonwealth University. During our time in school, we distinguished ourselves by winning fellowships together from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts- We began exhibiting our work at notable galleries regionally and nationally, and having our work published. Our friendship grew as we collaborated, and after earning our BFA’s in Photography and Film, we turned our efforts into an energetic business partnership. We have since developed Capture Photography into a Richmond based company specializing in wedding and portrait photography. We strive to capture real moments as they unfold naturally, filling our images with genuine emotion. Our photographs are often described as timeless and organic.

Capture Photography Owner Allison:

Capture Photography Owner Allison:

“I love finding the unique ways couples choose to describe themselves, their personalities, and their interests at their wedding. I truly appreciate the unique perspective and insights that spending the day with the bride and groom allows us to have into this intimate moment in the couple’s lives, which are typically only seen by the closest family members and friends. I value the opportunity to preserve the memories of these moments.”

Capture Photography Owner Jenny:

Capture Photography Owner Jenny:

“Love is something to celebrate, and people are to excited to share that! When a couple is genuine in their affection and commitment to each other, the vows still get to me, so don’t be shocked to see my wipe away a tear while I’m working.”

Both live and work in the Richmond Virginia area, but have ties to the Washington DC metro area.

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