Like Oreos and milk, cream and coffee, a hipster with a man bun, we are a complete team. But seriously, being wedding photographers is our dream job.

You’re GETTING MARRIED! That moment when you realize today is the day you will finally become husband and wife is incredible. It is our privilege to create a keepsake that will instantly rekindle the happiness you feel right now as you create these special memories.

Our team approach to wedding photography sets us apart from the rest. “Two lenses to capture one incredible day” means so much more than hiring an assistant or even a second shooter. Capture Photography weddings are documented by two equally experienced, equally talented, and uniquely creative professional photographers. We can quite literally be in two places at once, and you never have to worry that the “real photographer” might be missing your most important moments.

We met as students in the Photography program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Thrown together on assignment, we found we had special collaborative dynamism that propelled us on to receive grants and recognition for our work. Our friendship grew and after earning our BFA’s in Photography, we turned our efforts to Capture Photography.

The Process

Working with couples since 2007 has taught us that planning the details of a wedding can be overwhelming. Plus we have personally been in your shoes. You’re balancing a budget with your desire to have really beautiful photographs. We have a refined workflow process that cuts through the clutter and allows you to reach your engagement and wedding day goals in a way that feels simple, easy, and fun.

Want more information? Your next steps are easy. Contact us with your wedding date and venue or geographic location. We will respond with all of the details you need. Stalk our Facebook page to see what we’re like on a daily basis, check out our portfolio (link to portfolio), and review our praise page.

Still excited? Schedule an initial consultation to meet with us. We can’t wait to talk to you about your wedding plans and photography needs. Getting to know each other is important. Understanding your story and learning about what makes you happy is important. Knowing these things allows us to capture the spirit of who you are in our pictures and to give you something priceless. We want to be more than a vendor. We want to build your confidence in us and trust. Your photographs will be much more beautiful if you feel comfortable with who is behind the camera.


Every great team is balanced by strength and differences. Allison loves to hike outdoors with her newlywed husband, Ben, where Jenny is likely to be found reading a book or cooking a meal for fiance, Rome.  When Jenny’s love for Green Bay Packers has annoyed all of her close friends, Allison brings her four-legged children, dogs Brennie & Cody, to give Jenny some pet therapy love.

“I love finding the unique ways couples choose to describe themselves, their personalities, and their interests at their wedding. I truly appreciate the unique perspective and insights that spending the day with the bride and groom allows us to have into this intimate moment in the couple’s lives, which are typically only seen by the closest family members and friends. I value the opportunity to preserve the memories of these moments.”

“Love is something to celebrate, and people are to excited to share that! When a couple is genuine in their affection and commitment to each other, the vows still get to me, so don’t be shocked to see my wipe away a tear while I’m working.”

Both live and work in the Richmond Virginia area, but have ties to the Washington DC metro area.