5 Richmond Engagement Portrait Locations

Running a small business in Richmond, Virginia is a huge source of pride for us. There is SO much to love about RVA: festivals every weekend, over 500 locally owned restaurants, an inspiring art scene…the creativity and passion in this city is endless.  And the secret is slowly getting out; Richmond has been making headlines recently as a top place to live/work/eat- and we’re especially fond of that last one. We love it so much, we’re the photography sponsors for a podcast dedicated to loving life in Richmond, Coffee With Strangers!

Over the years of working in Richmond, we’ve curated our favorite places for photos. We like to call it home field advantage; these local gems are places we know are guaranteed to deliver a perfect combination of a fun and romantic experience. And bonus, they are all free, no permit required! If you’re stuck choosing a location, we’re excited to share 5 of our favorite places.

1. Libby Hill Park

If you’re dreaming of a fairy tale feel, look no further than this popular park. It’s no secret that this is a fave for local photographers, and we might even spot some other photo shoots while we’re there! That’s because Libby Hill offers a wonderful variety of backgrounds all in a small area, making it a practically perfect spot for engagement portraits. Open fields? Stunning view of the city? Pretty fountains? Cobblestone path? Got you covered!

A little extra tip; this location is best at golden hour, the time right after the sun rises and or right before it sets. Jasmine & Matt were willing to get up before the crack of dawn for their engagement photos, and we’re so glad they did!!!

Richmond va wedding photographer

Richmond va wedding photographer

2. Church Hill Neighborhood

This historic area is a great place to capture a friendly, neighborhood feel. It’s a very popular place to live in Richmond, and that’s because it’s ADORABLE!  Every block is filled with character and you’ll feel right at home here. One of our favorite local businesses, WPA Bakery, is the perfect starting point to grab a cup of coffee at the beginning of our shoot.  Then we can explore the tree-lined streets and charming alleys. You might want to move into the neighborhood by the end of your session-don’t say we didn’t warn you! 🙂

Richmond va wedding photographer

Richmond va wedding photographer

3. Carytown

This is an excellent location for the couple whose vibe is quirky and energetic.  Brimming with murals by local artists and unique store fronts, it’s the perfect place to incorporate bold pops of color! This is also a great spot for anyone who wants to show Richmond off to their out of town friends and family. Bonus if you turn your session into a date night by sharing a treat on the outdoor patio at French-brasserie CanCan.

same sex engagement richmond va

engagement same sex photography richmond virginia

4. Forrest hill Park

Full disclosure; this location was recently introduced to us by our dream clients Cynthia & Henry. You may have heard of Forrest Hill Park for for the famous local farmers market South of the James, but did you know that there is a small lake hidden inside the park? Well neither did we, until this amazing couple suggested it for their engagement photos, and we instantly fell in love! It has that magical secret garden feel, and we could not get enough. We would love to shoot here again!

Richmond va wedding photographer


Richmond va wedding photographer

5. Virginia State Capitol

It doesn’t get more Virginia than this; stunning manicured lawns and the stately Capitol building make a handsome backdrop for a classy couple. If you are looking for traditional southern, this could be the perfect place for your portraits! Especially gorgeous in the summer and fall, this location offers tons of shade and stunning views. It is best used after the capitol offices are closed for the day, so plan for evenings or weekends if you choose this location.


Richmond va wedding photographer


This is just a small sample of the endless places RVA has to offer, and we are always thrilled to add to the list! If you’re thinking about booking an engagement session and have a rad idea for something that’s never been done before, shoot us an email so we can chat!

A Downtown Richmond Engagement: Jasmine & Matt

When Jasmine emailed us to describe what her ideal engagement session location would look like, she told me how they always admire the Richmond skyline when driving over the bridge. Getting the stunning view in good light would mean meeting at the crack of dawn, and they didn’t hesitate for a second. We started off at this gorgeous city overlook, and the moment as we began shooting, it was clear how perfect these two are together.
richmond_engagement_downtown002 richmond_engagement_downtown007

 The way he admires is fiance is precious…richmond_engagement_downtown001

We moved on to explore Libby Park; it was fun to show Jasmine & Matt a part of Richmond they never saw during their time living here. As beautiful as it is, they only had eyes for each other.richmond_engagement_downtown004 2015-07-17_0001

One of the best parts of Libby Hill is the diversity of  the location. Of course Jasmine & Matt made everything look like perfection…

 We’ll end with this favorite shot. It’s easy to see how happy this sweet couple is together. Jasmine & Matt, we can’t wait for your wedding!richmond_engagement_downtown006

Abbie + Greg: A Sugarloaf Mountain Engagement

When Abbie contacted me about her engagement photos, I knew immediately that they were going to be a fun couple to work with. She suggested we have their session at Sugarloaf Mountain- we love when clients suggest locations we haven’t worked with before! Abbie and Greg are getting married in August, so this was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit before the wedding. 2014-03-20_0002We recommend that couples bring at least two outfits so they can have a variety of formal and casual photos. Abbie & Greg started out with their dressier option, and we hit the vineyard to take advantage of the pretty light.

2014-03-20_0006                                                                                                    Abbie, you are just stunning!2014-03-20_0001 After we spent some time in the vineyard, we headed up the mountain to check out the gorgeous scenery. Abbie & Greg were total naturals in front of the camera!2014-03-20_00052014-03-20_0007          You can never go wrong with a pretty pair of boots!

2014-03-20_0013 2014-03-20_00112014-03-20_0010 2014-03-20_0009 Abbie had yet another adorable outfit in store, so we finished our afternoon by the water, grabbing these last few frames as the sun dipped down in sky. 2014-03-20_0014 2014-03-20_0015

Abbie and Greg, with two people so in love, we know your wedding is going to be a wonderful day!

Siobhan & Geoff: A Shockoe Slip Engagement

2014-02-09_0001                         When Siobhan and I were planning their engagement session, the weather forecast wasn’t looking pretty. We kept our fingers crossed, and as I checked the update daily, it looked better and better. This was important since they were driving from two hours away! We met up in a coffee shop downtown, and headed out to explore   downtown Richmond. It’s wonderful to be able to work with couples who are from out of town, because all the charm is new to them. It’s even more special when the couple is so photogenic- Siobhan & Geoff, thanks for being such great sports on a chilly day! If the afternoon with you was any indication, we know your   wedding is going to me amazing!2014-03-03_0003 2014-03-03_00022014-02-14_0001                                            This Love instillation was up for Valentines Day- we couldn’t resist grabbing a shot!2014-03-03_00062014-03-03_0005

2014-03-03_0007                                                                                          Love the way he looks at her!
2014-03-03_0004                        After we had walked the slip, we relocated to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. This gave them a chance to change into a dressier outfit- and to                        warm up in the car!


Siobhan and Geoff, you are SUCH naturals in front of the camera. We can’t wait for November!


Meghan and Robert: a Hillwood Estate Engagement Session


Meghan and Robert are one of the most easy going couples I have ever worked with! They didn’t shy away from any pose, not even the request to climb out on the rocks in the water. Half way through our shoot, the skies opened up and it down poured-  and trust me when I say, this was no light summer shower. The weather couldn’t dampen the affection of these two- they kept an upbeat attitude as we relocated indoors.



Nothing is better than a laugh shared between two kindred spirits…







Meghan suggested that we hold our session at the Hillwood Estate, Museums and Gardens. What a gem! I can’t believe that Washington DC has had this little marvel tucked away. Meghan filled me in on the history of the art collectotion while we explored the grounds. A real treat to the photographer with a fine art education….Meghan, you were talking my language!


2013-08-30_0009 Not only does she have great taste in art, Meghan also has an eye for accessories. This statement necklace is gorgeous!2013-08-30_00022013-08-30_0001 Meghan & Robert, thank you for sharing a rainy afternoon with our camera. If your wedding day is anything like your engagement session, I know it’s going to be a beautiful day!