When one of our lovely 2013 brides (and school counselor extraordinaire) Katie sent us a message inviting us to speak at Robious Middle School Career Day, we were thrilled! Since Allison is busy with her own crowd of students during school hours, I (Jenny) took on the responsibility. I would be presenting to 6 different groups. As I assembled my slide show and compiled my notes, it hit me- what was I going to say that could possibly impress middle schoolers?

The morning arrived, and as I began my first presentation, I was blown away by the intelligence of the students. They kept me on my toes as I talked about how we built our business, the extensive work that goes on behind the scenes, and the highs and lows of our job. They asked me thought provoking questions such as “What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?” One sassy young man summed it up: “So basically, you’re the paparazzi.”

A few months later, I received a lovely surprise in the mail; a huge envelope, stuffed to the brim with hand-made thank you cards!  They made my day, and I read each and every one.  I wish I could share them all, but I’ll just post a couple. Really, I owe them a huge thanks. I was grateful for the chance to encourage these kids to stay in school and pursue their dreams. In turn, they reminded me how lucky we are to do what we love, and to work with wonderful people every day.2014-01-24_0001 2014-01-24_0002 2014-01-24_0003