Jamie & Justin’s Lydia Mountain Wedding


If you like sunshine, mountain views & weddings with a personal touch, then you are going to LOVE this wedding! We’re pretty sure the weather gods agree, because this was literally the first warm & sunny day of the year; Jamie told us that even 2 days before hand, nothing was bloomed. The setting was so perfect for such a sweet couple! We started our morning at the girls cabin, where Jamie proved to be the most calm, collected & happy bride we’ve met….

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_001 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_002 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_003

The flower girl wrote the most precious note to Justin, which she promptly hand delivered.

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_004 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_005 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_006 The dog of honor relaxing with the guys!

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_007 The florist surprised the couple with this beautiful touch to their handmade arbor; and check out the breathtaking view of the blue ridge mountains!


Jamie took everyone’s breath away, but Justin was the most overwhelmed with love as his bride came down the aisle.

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_009 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_010 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_011

Jamie & Justin shared a sailors knot ceremony during their vows, which was almost as sweet as their first kiss!


Jamie & Justin greeted all their guests with a thoughtful receiving line following the ceremony, which allowed us the opportunity to capture these candid moments.

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_013 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_014

Look at this gorgeous wedding party!! Jamie & Justin, you have fabulous taste in friends. We had such a blast working with this group, and was clear how much they all adore the couple.  charlottesville_wedding_photographers_016

Jamie choose cowboy boots & babies breath, so perfect for this mountain setting!

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_017 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_018 A dapper groom & his handsome groomsmen.

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_019 Following the wedding party portraits, Jamie & Justin trusted us to head over to a sunny wildflower patch on the other side of the property. It was SO worth it, because look how dreamy these two are!

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_020 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_021 Jamie & Justin, we are so grateful that you allowed us extra time to spend on your portraits, because it couldn’t have been more beautiful. We jokingly asked if they could get married every weekend, because we could document them for the rest of forever and not get tired of it!


Jamie & Justin planned an amazing evening with their friends and family, with dinner served in the open air pavilion over looking the mountains.

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_024 This photo is from their first dance, but these two danced the night away like this for the rest of the evening. That is a sign of true love!charlottesville_wedding_photographers_025 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_026 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_027 So much love went into every detail of this wedding, and the guests enjoyed every moment!

charlottesville_wedding_photographers_028 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_029 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_030 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_031 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_032 Check out these cool kids, getting down on the dance floor!


charlottesville_wedding_photographers_033 charlottesville_wedding_photographers_034 They ended the evening with a beautiful sparkler exit & a magical kiss!




Jamie & Justin, thank you again for the honor of documenting your beautiful wedding day. We wish you a million happy years together!

A Garden Wedding: Dave & Karen

When the Director of the Richmond’s Historic Garden Week, with the Garden Club of Virginia, gets married – you can bet there were a lot of beautiful floral decorations incorporated into this backyard wedding.  Dave, being a videographer, staged every detail – even the cloud coverage for beautiful light!  The couple began their day with a morning ceremony in the backyard of there home.  In the presence of family they were married by the friend who brought them together.  They wanted to emphasize that their marriage was the blending of their two families and Karen’s daughters had the special role of walking their mother down the aisle.  In the evening they hosted a party at the Kent-Valentine House, the headquarters for the Garden Club of Virginia.  The family celebrated with friends from all over the globe who flew in to be a part of this couple’s special day.With Mosaic catering and a special gift by a friend who happens to own Belmont Butchery , they all enjoyed amazing food in a stunningly classic, Richmond setting.




DSC_8879_smKaren and her daughters worked all through the spring and summer together to make their yard perfect in time for the wedding.







DSC_8815_smTheir friend the match-maker was able to be the officiant for their wedding!






DSC_9234_smAll of the flowers for the reception were straight from the Garden Club of Virginia’s garden and arranged as a gift to the couple.




Mike & Jackie: Wedding Sneak Peeks Charlottesville, VA Montfair Resort Farm

We hope you enjoy browsing through these sneak peeks.  With the blue ridge as the backdrop and a sunset on the lake, this was an absolutely stunning day.  Congratulations Jackie & Mike!

Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms001_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms002_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms004_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms006_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms005_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms007_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms009_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms008_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms010_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms012_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms013_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms014_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms015_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms016_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms017_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms018_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms019_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms020_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms021_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms022_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms023_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms024_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms026_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms025_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms027_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms030_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms029_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms028_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms031_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms032_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms033_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms034_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms035_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms036_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms037_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms038_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms040_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms041_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms042_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms043_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms044_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms045_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms046_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms047_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms048_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms049_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms050_sm

Hannah & Rob: A Virginia Country Wedding

Hannah & Rob are the sort of couple who make you believe that the world is a good place. They resonate love, to each other, and to everyone they meet. We were thrilled to be included in their wedding day. It was filled to the brim with adorable details; they pulled off the country fair theme with such style, we couldn’t get enough photos of the details!

From the homemade photo booth to the lawn games & blue ribbon pies, it was all beautiful. But nothing shined brighter than Hannah & Rob, as they promised each other forever on the very property where Hannah’s parents had said their vows many years ago. Hannah & Rob, we wish you a million happy years together!