Happy New Years with a Discount!

A Christmas Special

We recently had the pleasure to photograph Mike and Laura’s wonderful kids Finn and Luke for their Christmas cards. This was an extra special session for us since we photographed their wedding three years ago. This shoot was full of stuffed animals, Christmas sweaters and lots of laughs. It was great seeing this couple and their family doing so well!

Happily, meet Ever After

Travis is the guy that feels like your BFF…three minutes after you meet him. Everyone loves him, and it’s easy to see why. But the thing that stands out most about Travis? How much he loves his fiance, April.
It’s a love that plays dance central together for hours, buys her ugg boots for Christmas, and tries to propose via fortune cookie. It’s a love that persists, tries again when the first proposal doesn’t exactly go as planned. And if anyone deserves that kind of love, it’s April.

April is the type of girl every guy hopes to marry. She’s funny, sassy, and has a huge heart, rivaled only by her beautiful voice. She writes music, sings like an angel and plays piano. Oh and did we mention she’s gorgeous?

This couple is so much fun to be around; they’re playful and genuinely enjoy each others company. April and Travis, can not wait for your wedding in August! You two have got the happily part nailed down. It’s going to be incredible when you add the ever after!

(to see more photos from their engagement session, please check out their album on Facebook!)

The Key Ingredient…

Hiring a wedding photographer is like commissioning an artist. It’s saying here we are, put paint to canvas and make us beautiful!

Your photographer is trained to look at things with a different eye than the rest of the world- you chose him (or her) for the vision. So how do you make sure that you’re getting everything you desire out of your photographs?
One word. Trust. If you let your photographer(s) take the lead, allow the artist to work, you’re going to get amazing results. If they haven’t already offered input, ask for it! How much time should we allow for formals? Should we shoot inside or outside? What time of day is going to yield the prettiest light? (The difference of 60 minutes can take your images from good to breathtaking). Lean on her experience- it’s a major part of what you’re paying for.
Your photographer might suggest things that don’t make sense, but if you trust him or her, there will be a BIG reward. So go ahead, take that 17th dip in front of the camera, hold the kiss an extra few seconds, get dressed in the window light, leave your reception for ten minutes when it looks to dark to photograph outside….You’ll feel like a rockstar when you get your pictures back.
The trust you give your photographer is like a solid investment: the more you give, the more you’ll get. And that’s something you can bank on.

Vendor Spotlight: Kelley Farlow, Hair & Makeup!

One of the loveliest parts of our job is getting to network with people
outside our specific profession. Every weekend, we get to meet talented vendors who bring their unique touch to the wedding industry. Here at Capture, we want to start sharing that expertise with you, our Brides and clients. These experts are too brilliant to be kept a secret! We hope that we can help you get to know them and love them as much as we do!

This week, we’re talking to Kelley Farlow, a hair stylist, makeup artist, and green beauty blogger! She brings an amazing energy to the wedding day, and did we mention she has fabulous taste in accessories? Kelley does hair and makeup for commercial shoots, and has worked for agencies in Miami and New York as well.

We started by asking her, what sets you apart as an artist? Kelley explains, “My love for editorial fashion and enhancing natural beauty. Doing makeup for agencies requires the skill and knowledge of applying makeup, without it looking like the model is actually wearing makeup…this really helped me build and strengthen my skills as an artist. Every individual I
have worked with has their own unique features that can be enhanced in their own way.
I have so many clients who are amazed at how even thesimplest makeup application can completely change how they feel!”

We love being a part of the Brides day, and we know other vendors feel the same, so we asked Kelley, what is your favorite part of the wedding experience? I love being able to be a part of such a special time is someone’s life. I also really enjoy the style of wedding makeup; it’s so clean and fresh, and when you see everything come together (hair, makeup and the dress) it is an absolutely amazing feeling!”

Of course we couldn’t resist asking for an inside beauty tip to share with our clients, and Kelley suggest this:Take extra good care of your skin; especially the month before your wedding! Drink lots of water to help keep it clear, and never sleep with your makeup on!”

Be sure to check out her website at www.kelleyfarlow.com! We know you’ll love her as much as we do! And check out the stunning finished product, the gorgeous Jennifer & her hubby Cameron captured at a recent wedding we shot with Rutsen Eagle, of Eagle Eye Photography LLC.

Premium Albums

This blog post is all about showcasing our beautiful hand-crafted Premium Albums! These are one of our favorite products we offer to our couples. We could write all day about the endless customizable options and breathtaking materials available.

All Premium Albums come standard with a beautiful leather cover (available color selection below) and 10 pages or 20 sides. Custom-designed pages from your favorite images are printed on archival-quality paper and flush-mounted onto thick board. The interior pages are then hand-bound to your choice of a square or rounded spine. The pages are very thick and durable. They are the perfect way to preserve and share your beautiful wedding-day memories for a life-time!

Below are a few images of an example premium album:

Here is the basic run-down of how we work with you to create your album:

– First you pick the size of the album; 8 x 10 inches, 10 x 10 inches, 11 x 14 inches or 12 x 12 inches. Other dimensions are available by request.

– Next you send us your selection of your “favorite” (we know it is hard to choose) 20 wedding photographs you absolutely want to see in the album design.

– We then design the layout for the album which typically includes 30-50 images.

– After we complete the initial design, which only takes one-two weeks, we send you a digital preview. You then get one round revisions meaning, we will change the order of images and add/subtract images as you instruct.

– Once we have the album layout finalized, the really fun part begins – picking all your personalization’s.

Here is just a small sample of the customizable options available for your premium album:

Cover Material Options Below:

Capture Spotlight!

We have big news here at Capture! As we continue to grow and connect within the wedding industry, we are proud to announce that Capture at the newest photographers spotlighted on the Martha Stewart Weddings website! www.marthastewartweddings.com is a wonderful resource for brides, with plenty of local resources and of course D.I.Y. for all things wedding.

We’re very excited to expand our online presence, and looking forward to hearing from our future Brides. A big shout out to Martha, the guru of, well, everything!

At First Sight

There is a moment in every wedding when time stops. The world is on pause, breathes are held and the air is thick with love; when the Bride and Groom first lay eyes on each other. For some, this takes place in the church when the processional begins. But for many modern couples, there is a lovely new tradition: The First Look.

First Look is when the couple chooses to share a magical moment together before they walk down the aisle. Alone together, they share an embrace, a second to whisper of the future and steal a kiss before they begin their new lives.

Here are some from a recent first look, Jessica & Chris.
For a more in-depth consideration of the “First Look”, (and other great info!) please check out bridal resource Every Last Detail, and be sure to share your thoughts with us on our facebook page!

Portrait Sittings: How to Dress

One of the most common questions we get before a portrait session is a slightly panicked “what do I wear??“. Fear not, it is our job to make you look your absolute best. We thought we would offer our Do’s & Don’ts for portrait sittings. These are good for family photos, but you can use them anytime you think you may be photographed.


Co-ordinate outfits. This doesn’t mean you all have to be dressed in matching denim. But check to see that Mom’s outfit isn’t clashing with Dads, and that everyone compliments each other.

-Wear something comfy. We are not recommending you roll up in last year’s sweat pants, but you should be able to move a bit and have the freedom to pose with ease.

-Bring a pair of flip-flops or comfy shoes to throw on, especially if you’re going to be in a potentially muddy area.

-Make sure it’s YOU! If you are uncomfortable, or wearing something you would never otherwise be seen in, it’s going to be harder to feel genuine and relaxed in front of the camera. So rock your style, my friend, this is your chance to shine!


-Don’t wear solid black or white, unless it’s the photographer asks you to do so. While black looks flattering in person, it tends to turn figures into one solid form. Bright white can take the focus off the face. There will be some exceptions to this rule but it’s a good starting point.

-Also avoid patterns and prints: solid colors and simple clothing will put the attention on your best feature; your smile!

-Don’t get matching mullets the night before the shoot. Unless of course, you’re these dudes.

Flash Bus Tour 2011

If you are a photographer, (or know and love one of us), then you probably know we can be the worlds biggest dorks. We get excited about all things camera related, and the opportunity to learn from two of the best in the business? Amazing!! So when we found out Dave Hobby and Joe McNally were rolling through the (sort of near-by) neighborhood, we bought tickets faster than you can say photo geek. Allison wasn’t able to get away from her teaching duties, so I (Jenny) took fellow photographer Sam Allen along for the ride. Stocked with two camera bags and lots of laughs on the ride down to Raleigh, we arrived to find 375 photographers. and one awesome tour bus.

Both Dave & Joe were incredible speakers; they inspired us with fresh ideas and
hundreds of new things to try. Be prepared, Capture fans, for some exciting new work! Dave spoke for the morning, explaining that “Lighting is like cooking! You have to experiment and add to taste“. He encouraged us not to be intimidated. Joe spent the afternoon teaching us how to be flash wizards, using multiple light set-ups. We knew it was going to be a great day when Joe gave his flash a big kiss and announced loudly “Take care of your flash and it will take care of you!” Aw, even the big shots love their gear.
Joe gave a live demonstration using his photo assistant Calli as a test model. Calli had an uncanny resemblance to Justin Bieber, so after a little coaxing, we got a Bieber-esque pose out of him. He could have a second career as a teeny-bopper, don’t you think?

That’s Dave Hobby on the left, and Joe McNally on the right, imparting their infinite knowledge on us. Or cracking a good photo joke. There was plenty of both. When someone asked Joe if he still shot on film, he deadpanned and replied “Film is what’s on your teeth when you wake up in the morning“. We laughed a little too hard.
Here are a couple more shots from the day; enjoy!

Jenny with Dave “The Strobist” Hobby. Check out his T-Shirt.
Jenny & Sam: this sweet tour bus proves that photographers can be rockstars too!