Recharging Our Batteries, Miami Style

Every December, the end of wedding season rolls around, and we find our selves a bit….exhausted. Thrilled to have wrapped another great year of doing what we love, we use the transition to the “off season” as a chance indulge in a little relaxation, inspiration and networking. This past December, we ladies of Capture took our yearly jaunt to Miami for the incredible Art Basel.

What is Art Basel you ask? It’s an international contemporary art exhibition, held every winter in Miami. It’s the largest art fair in the world, and it draws an international crowd. Artists, collectors, critics, writers and gallery directors converge in South Beach for a week long immersion in the art world.

The Basel experience is like no other. If you like people watching, welcome to heaven! You might spy
Kayne West shopping for art, or catch a glimpse of Eva & Adele, the performance artists from Germany who are always rocking bald heads and outrageous matching outfits. Fashion has no boundaries here, people show up to see and be seen!

There are always A lis events in the evenings. The popular place to sneak into this year was film legend David Lynch’s Club Silencio. We may or may not have spent an hour trying to convince security that we were indeed Very Important People. We soon gave up the fight in favor of a delicious midnight hamburger at Maxine’s Bistro in the retro-glam Catalina Hotel. Lets be real, nothing feels more VIP than kicking off your heels and ordering whatever burger toppings your heart desires!

Good food and late night soirées were just the beginning of our recharging to-do list: our days were stuffed to the brim with art! The flagship fair, Art Basel, is where you shop for Picasso and Degas. From there, many other fairs have popped up over the years, known as “satellite fairs”. Each has their own flavor: Scope, the edgy and über contemporary fair. Aqua, the intimate fair where works are displayed in empty hotel rooms and you can literally bump shoulders with the artists. Untitled is the newest fair on the block, and shout out to Richmond’s own ADA gallery for exhibiting there this year!

We spent the long weekend just soaking in all of the paintings, sculptures and of course photography. Many of our favorite photographers were exhibiting work! We were so thrilled to see photos by  Cindy Sherman(infamous for her self portrait work), Seth Casteel, the underwater dog photographer everyone loves, and our beloved Julie Blackmon.  Julie is an AMAZING contemporary photographer who creates incredible narratives that blend the mundane every day with the fantastical. She’s a rock star in our book, and it’s always a pleasure to see her work in person.

Art Basel brings it back to the roots. It’s like a family reunion, a reminder of what pushed us to pick up the camera in the first place. We boarded the flight home with tired feet but refreshed minds and an overwhelming sense of inspiration. Bring it on, 2013!

P.S. Please excuse the quality of the photos. We left our pro cameras at home so we could give our eyes and arms a break!

The girls of Capture, Jenny & Allison, dining on Ocean side drive with artist friend Kimberly Burgess & fashion marketing guru Catrina Gunter. The photo on the right is the entrance to Design Miami!
Art inside Basel: a Woodbury type (old time photography method!) by Chuck Close, a Julie Blackmon Print, and our art  extraordinaire friend Francis getting in on a performance art mural!

Putting On The Dress: 5 Tips for Beautiful Photos!

One of our favorite moments to photograph is the bride stepping into her wedding dress. Here are some ideas to help you get great photographs during this special part of your day.

1. Have your Bridesmaids put on their dresses first.
 Your girls are an important part of the process! They’ll be framing you as they help you into you gorgeous gown. Help glam up your first moments as an official bride having your ladies  looking fabulous along with you! When you see your images, you’ll be so glad you did.

2. Tidy up the area, or go to a different room.
 Actually, since you’re the Bride, you should have someone do this for you. A designated prop stylist, if you will. We’re even happy to pitch in! A clean slate will be best to show off you as your step into your gown! But if it’s too much to think about, you can always move to another area.  You’ll want the focus to be on you and your dream dress, not the make up, shoes, purses, and all the other goodies that come with getting ready.  Set the stage for looking fabulous!

3. If possible, get dressed near a window.
 Your photographer will love you for doing this! The natural light shining in will give you an extra glow and make for beautiful images. If you don’t have a window accessible, just make sure all the lamps in the room are on to help give a soft effect.

4.  Save the jewelry for last!
 We want to get great shots of you as you put on your jewelry. These details are the icing on the cake, and since we’ve set the stage for everything fabulous, this is the perfect time to take care of the little things! And, with your ladies standing by, you’ll have lots of help with things like putting on your necklace and slipping on your shoes.

5. Have a full-length mirror handy.
Bonus points if you have a freestanding mirror that can be positioned near where you are.Now is the first time you’ll be able to see yourself as a full, head-to-toe Bride. It’s a very unique moment, and  one you’ll want to cherish. You have full permission to admire yourself today, because you look AMAZING!

Congratulations Mike & Devan: Sneak Peeks

Mike and Devan’s wedding at Tredegar Iron Works was an absolute pleasure to photograph!  This couple and their family are so loving and fun.  The decorations and location were elegant, modern and we were SO lucky with weather.  Enjoy these sneak peeks!  No shortage of things to photograph at this wedding.

Apple Blossom Plantation

Working on the formal post for Matt and Maggie’s wedding at Apple Blossom Plantation.  Here’s a look at what’s to come!


Start Spreading The News….

We feel so blessed to work in this industry, our job that exists because of love. Really, how awesome is that? Today, we’re feeling extra lucky because we have the privilege of sharing some BIG news with you.  Drum roll please…..

Our dear friends, Rutsen & Tyler, are ENGAGED! Rutsen, of Eagle Eye Photography, is in “the biz” with us; in fact Capture has collaborated with him on quite a few weddings over the past few years, and a friendship based on much more than photography has grown. And now, we get to watch him marry the beautiful love of his life, Tyler.

Rutsen & Tyler (known to those who love them as Rut & Ty), are one of those couples who just glow when they’re together. They are so playful and light hearted that it spread to everyone in the room.  Rutsen gushes about his girl when ever given the chance (sorry to spill your secrets Rut!), and if you know her, it’s easy to see why. Tyler is witty, easy going, and pretty much a dream girlfriend….fiance!

So we’re celebrating their engagement with these pretty pictures taken on a work trip to Mexico last November. We all had a blast together, and even though she was supposed to be on vacation, Tyler pitched in and really was part of the team.  We snuck away for a few minutes during an early morning breakfast for these fun shots. They will be followed up by a full engagement session, but for now, these completely capture the spirit of this fabulous couple.

Rut & Ty, a huge heartfelt congrats from the Capture Photography girls. We are honored to document a part of your love story!

Sunday Afternoon: Jessica’s Bridal Session

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, less than a week before her wedding, Jessica and some of her close family members joined her at her ceremony sight for a bridal portrait.  Normally, bridal portraits are shot at least a month in advance, but Jessica’s dress didn’t come back from alterations until just a few days before her wedding! She kept it so cool; no bridezilla here! Jess stayed calm and collected, even has her Mom and Aunt looked on, shedding tears of happiness. In the place where she would say her vows to future husband Travis, Jessica enjoyed a few quiet moments. Jessica, we are so happy that you chose us to share all these special moments!
At Stonehenge Country Club
a stunning bride!
Bouquet from Vogue Flowers
This was her final selection, printed and framed for her reception. What a gorgeous bride!

Mark & Ashley Engaged

On the first 90 degree day of the year, Mark and Ashley met me downtown at Richmond’s Tredegar Iron Works for their engagement pictures.  What a fun and beautiful couple.  These two came into the session claiming to be camera shy, but you would never know by looking at how photogenic they are in the pictures!  We are looking forward to their fast approaching downtown wedding.

Giving Back: Relay For Life

The sun was bright, but nothing could outshine the smiles on the faces gathered on the Carystreet Field. Survivors, fighters, caretakers and supporters came together to celebrate the lives of those fight cancer. The cause lies close to the heart for Richmond, home to MCV and the Massey Cancer Center. The students of VCU organized an incredible fundraiser to bring some hope and support to the cancer community. We were there to catch some of the special moments, as VCU raised nearly $40,000 for the American Cancer Society. Talk about inspiring! We hope their stories can bring some light to your day. Cancer Survivors (clad in dark purple) took the first lap as the crowd cheered them on!

On the second lap, caretakers joined the Survivors as they made another round!

A supporter looks on during the opening ceremony

The festivities offered fun for all ages, including face painting, bubbles and art projects!

Ava-Joye Burnett, newest anchor at Channel 8 WRIC, conducted the opening ceremonies, and is joined here by relay committee members Jennifer & Suzanne.

If you feel inspired to give or participate in an upcoming relay, please visit

A Sunday (park) Kind of Love

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is that our clients come to us during the happiest time in their lives. Tracy & Mark are no exception; adorable and in-love, you can tell just how happy they are together. Mark lights up with a huge smile when ever he talks about his bride and Tracy, that girl glows!
We were thrilled that these two asked us to be a part of their romantic afternoon wedding at one of our favorite locations, Sunday Park, followed by a reception at the Boathouse. The rain held off, friends and family joined together, and even the ducks swam up to watch as Tracy and Mark said their vows. Of course we had to make sure we got in a lengthy portrait session before the reception…….Sunday Park has endless photo ops! Please enjoy some selections, and follow us on facebook for more!

Congrats, Tracy & Mark, may every day be as happy as your wedding day!

Interview with a Wedding Preacher!

In the wedding industry, we get to meet lots of great people who share our love for the celebration of marriage. We cross paths with everyone from DJs to dressmakers, and each has their own unique view of the wedding day. Earlier this month at a Wedding Wire mixer (shout out to all the great wedding wire vendors!), I had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Gay Lee Einstein. She’s been officiating wedding for over 14 years! We chatted about weddings, and she was just too sweet not to share with our future brides.

Since we see weddings on a regular basis, we wanted to ask the Rev. if she too feels emotional about the wedding service. For us at Capture, seeing the celebration of love never gets old. She agreed! She shared; “Since I have three daughters myself, I find it particularly moving when the father (or in some cases, the father AND mother) give a young bride away. This represents a major life change for all parties involved parents, bride, brothers and sisters–they are saying goodbye to that little girl whose fingerpainting once graced the refrigerator door. They are saying goodbye to the teen who won a trophy playing field hockey. I cry easily, so I really have to concentrate on what I am about at this point in the service. I also find the exchange of vows extremely moving. This is the most important part of the ceremony–the climax,–all else is commentary. A lot of brides tear up here, and if I see a bride with tears trickling down her face, then my reaction is to tear up, too. I sometimes pause at this point in the service. People may think I am pausing to give the bride time to collect herself, but I am really pausing because I am too choked up to continue.

Naturally, we wanted to know if she has any good wedding day stories to tell. She indulged us! “My most memorable ceremony took place many years ago. The groom-to-be was sick at the rehearsal–with what he said was a “little cold.” After the rehearsal he, his bride-to-be and the wedding party went off to the rehearsal dinner. Since he was feeling nauseas, the groom-to-be didn’t eat anything but he did have a lot of the bubbly. Back in his hotel room that night, he decided to take some over-the-counter flu medication. The combo of no food, champagne and strong medication made him sick–so sick that he spent the next several hours throwing up. Concerned family members finally drove him to the hospital where he received interveinous fluids until wedding time. His face was sooo pale. His hands shook as he and the bride exchanged rings. My own heart pounded wildly during the entire service. I concocted a plan in my head as to what I would do if the groom collapsed. At one point in the service I gave the groom a questioning look as if to say, “Are you going to make it?” and he winked back at me, a weak grin on his face. Needless to say the couple postponed their Honeymoon so that the groom could recover. ” On a more serious note, we asked if She had any advice for couples as they approach their big day. She shared her expertise: ” I find that a lot of brides are already over-stressed by the time of our first meeting. There is a reason they are over-stressed. A wedding can be a lot of work–particularly if it is to be a full blown event with florists and musicians, a rehearsal dinner and a reception after the wedding. Even if the bride hires a wedding planner, the bride (and groom–to a degree) still has to make critical decisions–whom to invite, when to send out invitations, what florist to use, what food to serve at the reception, etc. I would advise brides to keep the wedding as simple as possible and to use as few professionals as possible. For instance, it might make sense to have the caterer be responsible for providing the wedding cake, rather than a baker who specializes in wedding cakes. That’s one less professional with whom you have to coordinate. Or if the venue for your wedding reception offers catering services, that might be preferable to hiring an outside catering service. I would also encourage brides to spend most of their time interviewing people whom they can trust to help them with the wedding. You hire people with experience, who have embraced what it is that you are trying to accomplish, then you can rest easy that the wedding will turn out just fine. ”

Lastly, we wanted to know what couples should look for when they’re in the market for a wedding officiant! The Rev. suggests “ A couple should look for a wedding preacher who is responsible, who listens carefully, taking plenty of notes at meetings, with a proven track record and plenty of experience. A couple should look for a wedding preacher who really enjoys what he/she does, and who considers the work as more than just a “job.” I really, really love the work that I do, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this special time in a couple’s life. There is no more rewarding work that I can think of.
If you are looking for a great wedding preacher, please check her out at , or on facebook!