2013-09-18_0011Getting caught up in all the brilliant details is a part of our job. Dresses, jewelry, shoes…the list goes on. Bridal prep especially garners a lot of attention. Today, we want to give the guys a share of the spotlight. They deserve it! How often do we get to see the men we love, dressed to the nines, willing to pose for hundreds of photos?

There are incredible advantages to having a team of lead photographers.  The freedom it gives us as photographers to truly capture the moments from both sides of the wedding day, brides and grooms, like Nathan reading a love letter from his soon-to-be-bride Jen. 2013-09-18_0010


We love the attention to style that our grooms display on their wedding days, whether it’s sassy socks, a good tie, or a nod to their favorite sports team.


The guys often bring a little of their favorite liquid courage along. Just a little of course, but when they do, they sip it in style!


Some may bring sentimental items, or something that holds religious significance. Mark had the fortune he found in a cookie on an date with his girlfriend Ashley. He saved it for his proposal- and then brought it to the wedding. The fortune reads “You and your wife will be very happy in life”. How romantic2013-09-18_00012013-09-18_0005

Here’s to the boys- for sharing their quiet moments, letting down their guard for our cameras, and always making us laugh along the way. We couldn’t do it without you!2013-09-18_0013