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We like to say that putting on your wedding dress is the moment where it all becomes real. You’ve spent the morning getting your hair and make-up done, hopefully enjoying a glass of bubbly with your closest girls. When you step into your gown, it’s usually when the first happy tears of day start flowing, and we love capturing this sweet moment as it unfolds.  Here are a few things our wedding experience has taught us; hopefully it can help you get the most out of your dressing photos!

1. Have your Bridesmaids put on their dresses first.  Your girls are an important part of your story! They’ll be framing you as they help you into you gorgeous gown. Help glam up your first moments as an official bride by having your ladies  looking fabulous along with you! When you see your images, you’ll be so glad you did. As a bonus, the color will look great if you choose any of these images your wedding album.

2. Tidy up! Actually, since you’re the bride, you should have someone do this for you. A designated prop stylist, if you will. We’re even happy to pitch in! You’ll want the focus to be on you and your dream dress, not the make up, shoes, purses, and all the other goodies that come with getting ready.   If straightening up the area is too much, perhaps you can move to a different room. We’ve had brides get dressed in hallways, on porches, even in a private backyard to avoid the clutter!

3. Get dressed near a window. Your photographer will love you for doing this! The natural light shining in will give you an extra glow and make for beautiful images. If window light isn’t available, ask your photographer where the best light in the room is.

4. Save your jewelry for last. Your photographer wants to get great shots of you as you put on your jewelry. These details are the icing on the cake, and since you’ve set the stage for everything fabulous, this is the perfect time to take care of the little things! And, with your ladies standing by, you’ll have lots of help with things like putting on your necklace and clasping your bracelet. You may also want to have help putting on your shoes; this can be a fun photo opportunity for all of your bridesmaids to surround you and help with the final touch.

5. Keep smiling. Not a forced-for-the camera smile, but just a relaxed and feeling happy smile. We know it’s easy to make funny faces while you’re trying to make sure every thing is laced just so, but let your bridesmaids worry about buttons and lacing while you take the moment in.


6. Have a full length mirror handy.Even better if you have a freestanding mirror that can be positioned near where you are! Now is the first time you’ll be able to see yourself as a full, head-to-toe Bride. It’s a very unique moment, and  one you’ll want to cherish. You have full permission to admire yourself today, because you look AMAZING!

Bonus Tip: If modesty is a concern, speak with your photographer beforehand. We have creative ways of respecting your privacy, keeping you comfortable, and still photograph these sweet moments.

 2015-06-22_0001richmond va wedding photographerrichmond virginia wedding photographersrichmond virginia wedding photographersrichmond wedding photographer Special thanks so Margot, Sarah, Julie, Sara, Abby & April for looking absolutely gorgeous in your first moments as a bride!

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