She knew leaving her home in Virginia to pursue a career in Savannah would be the breath of fresh air she needed; what she couldn’t know was that the love of her life would be there; that she would meet him before she even had a place to live, that he would boldly asking her to go out for a drink even though they were strangers, and that ultimately, he would steal her heart.  If there is any one who deserves to have her heart stolen by a handsome coastie, it’s Whitney. Whitney is the kind of friend everyone should have; she always remembers birthdays, calls just to say hello, and will do anything to help her people out. Braden is her perfect match; witty, smart, and equally loving, you could say he completes her.

On New Year’s Eve, Whitney and Braden gathered their closest friends and family on the beach to share in their happiness. This wasn’t just a pretty destination; they chose the Florida Keys for the part it plays in their story. Braden was stationed in the Keys when they were first dating; they shared many many long sunny days on the sand and romantic evening dinners, complete with conch fritters. Their seaside vows were perfection, and the ocean breeze seemed to celebrate into the night along with their guests, who danced the night away under the stars. Here are just a few favorites….many more to come!

keys_wedding002 keys_wedding003 keys_wedding004 keys_wedding005

Braden stole a moment away to put the finishing touches on his vows while their puppy Rico kept on eye on things under the reception tentkeys_wedding006 keys_wedding007                           The guys were ready early for some portraits, and we had to take advantage of the docks!keys_wedding008 keys_wedding009 keys_wedding010 Their handsome nephew Kash was tasked with making guests melt; he took his job very seriously!keys_wedding012 keys_wedding011keys_wedding013


There is nothing more special than the moment a proud father walks his eldest daughter down the aisle….
keys_wedding015…..except maybe the moment her handsome groom lights up when he sees his bride.keys_wedding016 keys_wedding017 Officially husband and wife!keys_wedding018 keys_wedding019 keys_wedding020
keys_wedding022 keys_wedding023 keys_wedding024 keys_wedding025 keys_wedding026 keys_wedding027 keys_wedding028 keys_wedding029Whitney & Braden made every detail of their reception special, complete with props to ring in the new year.
keys_wedding030 keys_wedding031 keys_wedding032 Dancing the night awaykeys_wedding033


Such a beautiful location for a lovely wedding!! Congratulations to Whitney and Braden 🙂

We are so blessed as parents to have such a thoughtful, loving daughter and couldnt be happuer that Braden is now part of the family officially. He has shown in many ways his deep love and admiraton for Whitney. We are now 2x blessed! We wish them both health and happiness! We look forward to many memories together. The pictures capture the beauty of the setting and family memories that we will always cheerish. We love you both!

What a pretty beachy wedding, I love it!