Travis is the guy that feels like your BFF…three minutes after you meet him. Everyone loves him, and it’s easy to see why. But the thing that stands out most about Travis? How much he loves his fiance, April.
It’s a love that plays dance central together for hours, buys her ugg boots for Christmas, and tries to propose via fortune cookie. It’s a love that persists, tries again when the first proposal doesn’t exactly go as planned. And if anyone deserves that kind of love, it’s April.

April is the type of girl every guy hopes to marry. She’s funny, sassy, and has a huge heart, rivaled only by her beautiful voice. She writes music, sings like an angel and plays piano. Oh and did we mention she’s gorgeous?

This couple is so much fun to be around; they’re playful and genuinely enjoy each others company. April and Travis, can not wait for your wedding in August! You two have got the happily part nailed down. It’s going to be incredible when you add the ever after!

(to see more photos from their engagement session, please check out their album on Facebook!)