We feel so blessed to work in this industry, our job that exists because of love. Really, how awesome is that? Today, we’re feeling extra lucky because we have the privilege of sharing some BIG news with you.  Drum roll please…..

Our dear friends, Rutsen & Tyler, are ENGAGED! Rutsen, of Eagle Eye Photography, is in “the biz” with us; in fact Capture has collaborated with him on quite a few weddings over the past few years, and a friendship based on much more than photography has grown. And now, we get to watch him marry the beautiful love of his life, Tyler.

Rutsen & Tyler (known to those who love them as Rut & Ty), are one of those couples who just glow when they’re together. They are so playful and light hearted that it spread to everyone in the room.  Rutsen gushes about his girl when ever given the chance (sorry to spill your secrets Rut!), and if you know her, it’s easy to see why. Tyler is witty, easy going, and pretty much a dream girlfriend….fiance!

So we’re celebrating their engagement with these pretty pictures taken on a work trip to Mexico last November. We all had a blast together, and even though she was supposed to be on vacation, Tyler pitched in and really was part of the team.  We snuck away for a few minutes during an early morning breakfast for these fun shots. They will be followed up by a full engagement session, but for now, these completely capture the spirit of this fabulous couple.

Rut & Ty, a huge heartfelt congrats from the Capture Photography girls. We are honored to document a part of your love story!