A Garden Wedding: Dave & Karen

When the Director of the Richmond’s Historic Garden Week, with the Garden Club of Virginia, gets married – you can bet there were a lot of beautiful floral decorations incorporated into this backyard wedding.  Dave, being a videographer, staged every detail – even the cloud coverage for beautiful light!  The couple began their day with a morning ceremony in the backyard of there home.  In the presence of family they were married by the friend who brought them together.  They wanted to emphasize that their marriage was the blending of their two families and Karen’s daughters had the special role of walking their mother down the aisle.  In the evening they hosted a party at the Kent-Valentine House, the headquarters for the Garden Club of Virginia.  The family celebrated with friends from all over the globe who flew in to be a part of this couple’s special day.With Mosaic catering and a special gift by a friend who happens to own Belmont Butchery , they all enjoyed amazing food in a stunningly classic, Richmond setting.




DSC_8879_smKaren and her daughters worked all through the spring and summer together to make their yard perfect in time for the wedding.







DSC_8815_smTheir friend the match-maker was able to be the officiant for their wedding!






DSC_9234_smAll of the flowers for the reception were straight from the Garden Club of Virginia’s garden and arranged as a gift to the couple.




A Mountain Airbnb Wedding: Nissa & Mike

On a Saturday that was forecast to be filled with downpours and storms, Nissa and Mike hoped for the best. Better than best; what they got was a gorgeous mountain side wedding day, filled with perfectly soft light and plenty of love to go around.  Nissa had planned a ceremony that was not only was it one of the sweetest we’ve ever seen,  she made it look effortless. We know and love Nissa from our days in art school, and true to form, her wedding was nothing short of magical. Air bnb wedding photography

We started our afternoon exploring the enchanting property they reserved for the weekend. Words can’t describe what a gem this location is: both elegant and modern, the building feels like it was always meant to be a part of the landscape.  (you can read more about it’s sustainability and history here). richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouserichmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouserichmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouserichmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

Nissa & Mike, we feel so lucky that you chose us to photograph such an enchanting day!
richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouserichmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

 The locations were endless; we could have photographed this sweet couple for hours!

richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouseNissa’s handmade floral crown was the perfect touch.richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

 With the rain holding off, Nissa and Mike were able to hold their ceremony in a small clearing in the woods. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, it felt like moment straight out of a fairy tale…richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

The sweeping mountain views were breathtaking to behold…
richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

 Beautiful wedding rings; we especially love the details on Nissa’s wedding band!richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

Nissa & Mike spoiled their guests with a delicious meal served on vintage oak family style tables, and of course, plenty of wine!
richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

We have to leave you with a photo these adorable wedding crashers we caught on our way out!richmond virginia wedding photographers Sunday park boathouse

Nissa & Mike, we wish you a million happy years together!

 Location: One Nest

Cake: Katyee Trudeau

Florals: DIY

Catering: Farm to Feast


Skirt, Vintage Oscar de la Renta

Top, Couture by LK Design

Mike & Jackie: Wedding Sneak Peeks Charlottesville, VA Montfair Resort Farm

We hope you enjoy browsing through these sneak peeks.  With the blue ridge as the backdrop and a sunset on the lake, this was an absolutely stunning day.  Congratulations Jackie & Mike!

Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms001_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms002_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms004_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms006_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms005_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms007_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms009_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms008_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms010_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms012_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms013_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms014_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms015_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms016_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms017_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms018_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms019_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms020_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms021_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms022_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms023_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms024_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms026_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms025_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms027_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms030_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms029_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms028_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms031_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms032_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms033_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms034_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms035_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms036_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms037_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms038_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms040_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms041_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms042_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms043_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms044_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms045_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms046_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms047_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms048_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms049_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms050_sm

Hannah & Rob: A Virginia Country Wedding

Hannah & Rob are the sort of couple who make you believe that the world is a good place. They resonate love, to each other, and to everyone they meet. We were thrilled to be included in their wedding day. It was filled to the brim with adorable details; they pulled off the country fair theme with such style, we couldn’t get enough photos of the details!

From the homemade photo booth to the lawn games & blue ribbon pies, it was all beautiful. But nothing shined brighter than Hannah & Rob, as they promised each other forever on the very property where Hannah’s parents had said their vows many years ago. Hannah & Rob, we wish you a million happy years together!


Brian and Emily: Wedding at New Kent Winery

Have you ever been around a couple that just can’t stop making eyes at each other, making one-another laugh constantly, and who are without a doubt madly in love?  Meet Brian and Emily!  In early April, after a long and harsh winter we arrived at New Kent Winery.  They saw their last snowfall for the year only one week earlier.  The weather had finally made a turn towards spring!  The sun was out, the weather was an amazing low-70’s, and it was gearing up to fabulous day to have an outdoor ceremony.  2014-07-11_0002_blogsm
2014-07-11_0005_blogsm 2014-07-11_0006_blogsm 2014-07-11_0007_blogsm2014-07-11_0009_blogsm
2014-07-11_0010_blogsm 2014-07-11_0011_blogsm 2014-07-11_0012_blogsm 2014-07-11_0013_blogsmBrian and Emily met through mutual friends and immediately hit it off.  Their first date was at a wine bar so they naturally picked this charming location for their wedding.  Brian’s proposal was so sweet.  Emily used to leave Brian love notes in the mornings before going to work since she left the house earlier then him.  On Emily’s birthday last year, Brian took her to a nice restaurant.  When they got home, Emily found a carved wooden box with a picture of the two of them on the table.  When she opened it she found the ring box and to her surprise all the love notes she had left him.  She says she didn’t even know he had save them.

2014-07-11_0016_blogsm 2014-07-11_0017_blogsm 2014-07-11_0018_blogsm 2014-07-11_0019_blogsm 2014-07-11_0020_blogsm 2014-07-11_0021_blogsmThe vineyard had a golf cart waiting for the portrait session after the ceremony.  This adventurous couple was excited to take full advantage of the vineyard’s beautiful setting for their pictures.  After family formals we hopped on the golf cart and circulated around the grounds of the winery getting a tone of pictures of these two love birds right as the sun began to set.  These two knew photography was very important to them and planned accordingly, giving us lots of time to get a variety of shots and locations for their pictures.

2014-07-11_0027_blogsm 2014-07-11_0028_blogsm 2014-07-11_0029_blogsm 2014-07-11_0030_blogsm 2014-07-11_0031_blogsm 2014-07-11_0032_blogsm 2014-07-11_0033_B&W_blogsm 2014-07-11_0035_blogsm 2014-07-11_0037_blogsm 2014-07-11_0038_blogsm 2014-07-11_0039_blogsm 2014-07-11_0040_blogsm 2014-07-11_0041_blogsmWe want to give a huge shout-out to Mosaic Restaurant.  They always do an incredible job decorating in addition to having amazing food!  So at this point in the evening these two were ready to celebrate with their family and friends.  And their family and friends were ready to dance!  2014-07-11_0022_blogsm 2014-07-11_0023_blogsm 2014-07-11_0024_blogsm 2014-07-11_0025_blogsm 2014-07-11_0042_blogsm 2014-07-11_0043_blogsm 2014-07-11_0044_blogsm 2014-07-11_0045_blogsm 2014-07-11_0046_blogsm 2014-07-11_0047_blogsmCongratulations Emily and Brian!

Location: New Kent Winery | Catering: Mosaic Catering
Officient: Mallie Murray | Florist: FloraWork (Annette)
Transportation: TNT Limo | Hair & Makeup: Lou Stevens
Cake: Sorry folks, it was a talented family friend!

Ki Soon and Andrea: A Fredericksburg Spring Wedding

In the beautiful gardens of Gari Melchars Home and Studio at Belmont, Ki Soon and Andrea became husband and wife.  The romantic setting was in full bloom on April 26 when these two said ‘I do.’  Tulips and lilac filled your senses.  The site is the preserved home, studio, and gardens of the painter Gari Melchers and his wife Corinne.

2014-07-10_0001.1 2014-07-10_0002 2014-07-10_0023 2014-07-10_0025

It was important to honor Ki Soon’s Korean heritage in the wedding.  Most of their family members traveled long distances to celebrate with these two including Korea and Germany.  Several of their guests including Ki Soon’s mother dressed in traditional Korean formal wear for the occasion.

2014-07-10_0004 2014-07-10_0005 2014-07-10_0006 2014-07-10_0003.1 2014-07-10_0007 2014-07-10_0008 2014-07-10_0009 2014-07-10_0010 2014-07-10_0011 2014-07-10_0012 2014-07-10_0013 2014-07-10_0014 2014-07-10_0015 2014-07-10_0016 2014-07-10_0017

After the ceremony the couple had planned for lots of time to stroll the gardens for pictures of the two of them.  We couldn’t get enough!

2014-07-10_0018 2014-07-10_0019 2014-07-10_0020
2014-07-10_0022 2014-07-10_0024 2014-07-10_0026


Above is a traditional Korean wedding pose Ki Soon made sure we captured!

2014-07-10_0027 2014-07-10_0028 2014-07-10_0031The first half of the reception was celebrated with US wedding traditions.  For the second half the couple changed into traditional Korean wedding gowns and were lead through a Paebaek ceremony.  Paebaek is a Korean wedding ritual where the groom’s family formally accepts the bride into their home.    The practice has been modernized and relatives on both sides of the family are invited to participate and offer the couple their blessings.
2014-07-10_0040 2014-07-10_0041 2014-07-10_0042 2014-07-10_0037 2014-07-10_0038 2014-07-10_0035 2014-07-10_0034 2014-07-10_0033 2014-07-10_0039F
amily members, starting from the groom’s parents, then the bride’s parents and then on to more distant relatives, will take their turn sitting in front of the table laden with various edibles and tea, to receive their bow from the couple.  The bride and groom serve tea or rice wine to each set of parents and relatives after they bow.  The parents and relatives in turn, offer words of wisdom and blessings to the couple.  They also toss them  money to start the new couple on their way.  The couple will attempt to catch dates and chestnuts as the parents throw them toward’s the bride’s apron.  According to legend, the number of dates and chestnuts caught signify how many girls and boys they will bear.  Finally, as a public display of his strength, the groom carries his new bride on his back around the table.  More information can be found on the Paebaek ceremony here.  We loved learning about this tradition mixed with thoughtful and fun rituals!

2014-07-10_0043 2014-07-10_0044 2014-07-10_0045

 Location: Gari Melchars Home and Studio at Belmont | Catering: Caroline Street Catering
Pies: Paul’s Bakery | Florist: Garden Heirlooms of Fredericksburg Virginia
Paebaek Ceremony: Rose Hanbok, Annadale Virginia | Hair & Makeup: Lisa G Salon
Officiant: Pamela A Mann, Heart Star Ceremonies | Musicians: Fredericksburg String Quartet 
Dress: Davids Bridal

1 Hack for better wedding photos

On Saturday evening, with the sun starting to dip in the sky, we photographed a ceremony at New Kent Winery. At the end of the night, we felt lucky to be starting our season with such a perfect wedding. Emily & Brian had all the right ingredients; madly in love, family and friends to celebrate with, and a gorgeous setting in which their day could unfold. But there was one thing that really made this wedding stand out. It wasn’t the decadent food stations or her elegant wedding dress (although both of which were incredible!!). The best part of the night was how Emily and Brian set aside an entire hour just for bride & groom portraits. It may not sound like much, but in wedding day time, it’s huge. Time for portraits is like gold to photographers!

It meant having the time to make a good shot into a great shot. It meant we could give the couple all the photos they imagined, and then some.  It gave us the freedom to play a little bit, to push beyond what we normally expect out of a portrait session.  Most of all, it gave Emily and Brian something tangible that they’ll be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. Because once the dress is put away, once the last slice of cake has been eaten, and the presents have all been unwrapped, the photos will stand the test of time.  The couple portraits are the photos that most capture the essence of the day. It all boils down to a love story between two people, and the more time you give to those photos, the more you’ll receive. Besides, who wouldn’t mind spending a little extra time snuggling with their brand new spouse?

We hope you’ll take this into consideration as you plan your day. Think about making the investment of time.   Trust us, we know you want to get to the cocktail hour, the first dances, go get the party started!  Just remember, the room that you make for the portraits will pay off tenfold.  Decades down the road, when you’re showing your album to your grandkids, you’ll be so glad you did.

We’ll have more of Emily & Brian’s gorgeous winery wedding coming soon, but for now here’s a favorite from the portrait session!



Cristena + Paul: A Ginter Park Wedding

Cristena and Paul are the type of couple that make everything fun. From the first time we met over craft beer and glasses of wine, their light-hearted nature was apparent, and it really showed through on their wedding day! Cristena had a refreshingly laid-back approach to her planning- she requested that instead of meeting them for prep photos, we arrive right before the ceremony began. It was fun to jump right into the action! The neighborhood in northside of Richmond was perfect for a backdrop for a fall wedding.
C+P_blog001_1                                                                                                 Their faces as the walked toward each other…so much love!C+P_blog002_1C+P_blog004_1C+P_blog005_1                                 Surrounded by their family and dearest friends, Cristena and Paul promised each other forever.C+P_blog003_1 C+P_blog006_1C+P_blog007_1                                                           We  love that moment with a couple who has been married for exactly one minute!
C+P_blog008_1C+P_blog009_1                                     While the guests headed to the reception to enjoy  cocktails, we spent some time photographing the fabulous bridal party.C+P_blog011_1 C+P_blog013_1 C+P_blog014_1 C+P_blog015_1C+P_blog012_1 They say you can tell a lot about a couple by the people they spend their time with- if that’s true, it confirms Cristena and Paul are wonderful people. Perfect example:  Cristena’s bridesmaid Jessica opened the doors of her gorgeous home to host the wedding. What a true friend!2014-03-29_0031                                                            We stole away a little more time for couple portraits- always our favorite part of the day.C+P_blog017_1C+P_blog019_1C+P_blog016_1C+P_blog018_1                           When Cristena described her wedding dress to us, we knew it would be beautiful, but she made it simply breathtaking! C+P_blog022_1                                                                                                       Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning?C+P_blog021C+P_blog020_1                               The bride & groom were greeted with warm wishes and happy cheers as they entered the reception- they were ready to celebrate!

C+P_blog023_1                                                                           Every detail had a memorable touch. Even the pool was dressed for the occasion!C+P_blog024_1C+P_blog028_1                                                       When Paul surprised his wife by playing and singing a song he wrote for her, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.C+P_blog030_1
C+P_blog027_1 One of the benefits of having two lead photographers is complete coverage of tender moments. One of the following photos is from Jenny’s camera and the other is from Allison. C+P_blog025_1 C+P_blog026_1C+P_blog029_1 C+P_blog031_1 C+P_blog032_1C+P_blog033_1 The party was a total blast, perfect for such vibrant couple. Paul and Cristena, thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you. Cheers to many happy years together!