Cristena and Paul are the type of couple that make everything fun. From the first time we met over craft beer and glasses of wine, their light-hearted nature was apparent, and it really showed through on their wedding day! Cristena had a refreshingly laid-back approach to her planning- she requested that instead of meeting them for prep photos, we arrive right before the ceremony began. It was fun to jump right into the action! The neighborhood in northside of Richmond was perfect for a backdrop for a fall wedding.
C+P_blog001_1                                                                                                 Their faces as the walked toward each other…so much love!C+P_blog002_1C+P_blog004_1C+P_blog005_1                                 Surrounded by their family and dearest friends, Cristena and Paul promised each other forever.C+P_blog003_1 C+P_blog006_1C+P_blog007_1                                                           We  love that moment with a couple who has been married for exactly one minute!
C+P_blog008_1C+P_blog009_1                                     While the guests headed to the reception to enjoy  cocktails, we spent some time photographing the fabulous bridal party.C+P_blog011_1 C+P_blog013_1 C+P_blog014_1 C+P_blog015_1C+P_blog012_1 They say you can tell a lot about a couple by the people they spend their time with- if that’s true, it confirms Cristena and Paul are wonderful people. Perfect example:  Cristena’s bridesmaid Jessica opened the doors of her gorgeous home to host the wedding. What a true friend!2014-03-29_0031                                                            We stole away a little more time for couple portraits- always our favorite part of the day.C+P_blog017_1C+P_blog019_1C+P_blog016_1C+P_blog018_1                           When Cristena described her wedding dress to us, we knew it would be beautiful, but she made it simply breathtaking! C+P_blog022_1                                                                                                       Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning?C+P_blog021C+P_blog020_1                               The bride & groom were greeted with warm wishes and happy cheers as they entered the reception- they were ready to celebrate!

C+P_blog023_1                                                                           Every detail had a memorable touch. Even the pool was dressed for the occasion!C+P_blog024_1C+P_blog028_1                                                       When Paul surprised his wife by playing and singing a song he wrote for her, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.C+P_blog030_1
C+P_blog027_1 One of the benefits of having two lead photographers is complete coverage of tender moments. One of the following photos is from Jenny’s camera and the other is from Allison. C+P_blog025_1 C+P_blog026_1C+P_blog029_1 C+P_blog031_1 C+P_blog032_1C+P_blog033_1 The party was a total blast, perfect for such vibrant couple. Paul and Cristena, thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you. Cheers to many happy years together!


Such a beautiful wedding! And Cristena is stunning!!!

Gorgeous photos. She is such a beautiful bride!! I love the B&W of her looking down!

I love all of her tattoos and those first dance shots are so sweet!

These are wonderful! Congratulations to the sweet happy couple!