In the beautiful gardens of Gari Melchars Home and Studio at Belmont, Ki Soon and Andrea became husband and wife.  The romantic setting was in full bloom on April 26 when these two said ‘I do.’  Tulips and lilac filled your senses.  The site is the preserved home, studio, and gardens of the painter Gari Melchers and his wife Corinne.

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It was important to honor Ki Soon’s Korean heritage in the wedding.  Most of their family members traveled long distances to celebrate with these two including Korea and Germany.  Several of their guests including Ki Soon’s mother dressed in traditional Korean formal wear for the occasion.

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After the ceremony the couple had planned for lots of time to stroll the gardens for pictures of the two of them.  We couldn’t get enough!

2014-07-10_0018 2014-07-10_0019 2014-07-10_0020
2014-07-10_0022 2014-07-10_0024 2014-07-10_0026


Above is a traditional Korean wedding pose Ki Soon made sure we captured!

2014-07-10_0027 2014-07-10_0028 2014-07-10_0031The first half of the reception was celebrated with US wedding traditions.  For the second half the couple changed into traditional Korean wedding gowns and were lead through a Paebaek ceremony.  Paebaek is a Korean wedding ritual where the groom’s family formally accepts the bride into their home.    The practice has been modernized and relatives on both sides of the family are invited to participate and offer the couple their blessings.
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amily members, starting from the groom’s parents, then the bride’s parents and then on to more distant relatives, will take their turn sitting in front of the table laden with various edibles and tea, to receive their bow from the couple.  The bride and groom serve tea or rice wine to each set of parents and relatives after they bow.  The parents and relatives in turn, offer words of wisdom and blessings to the couple.  They also toss them  money to start the new couple on their way.  The couple will attempt to catch dates and chestnuts as the parents throw them toward’s the bride’s apron.  According to legend, the number of dates and chestnuts caught signify how many girls and boys they will bear.  Finally, as a public display of his strength, the groom carries his new bride on his back around the table.  More information can be found on the Paebaek ceremony here.  We loved learning about this tradition mixed with thoughtful and fun rituals!

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 Location: Gari Melchars Home and Studio at Belmont | Catering: Caroline Street Catering
Pies: Paul’s Bakery | Florist: Garden Heirlooms of Fredericksburg Virginia
Paebaek Ceremony: Rose Hanbok, Annadale Virginia | Hair & Makeup: Lisa G Salon
Officiant: Pamela A Mann, Heart Star Ceremonies | Musicians: Fredericksburg String Quartet 
Dress: Davids Bridal