Mike & Jackie: Wedding Sneak Peeks Charlottesville, VA Montfair Resort Farm

We hope you enjoy browsing through these sneak peeks.  With the blue ridge as the backdrop and a sunset on the lake, this was an absolutely stunning day.  Congratulations Jackie & Mike!

Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms001_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms002_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms004_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms006_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms005_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms007_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms009_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms008_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms010_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms012_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms013_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms014_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms015_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms016_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms017_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms018_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms019_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms020_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms021_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms022_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms023_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms024_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms026_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms025_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms027_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms030_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms029_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms028_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms031_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms032_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms033_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms034_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms035_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms036_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms037_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms038_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms040_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms041_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms042_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms043_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms044_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms045_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms046_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms047_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms048_sm Jackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms049_smJackie&MikeSneakPeeks_MontfairResortFarms050_sm

Brad & Melissa: Wedding Sneak Peeks Colonial Heritage, Williamsburg, VA

Melissa is a bubbly, enthusiastic bride!  She was all smiles when we arrived at Colonial Heritage on September 19th to photograph Brad and her wedding. Enjoy these sneak peeks of their gorgeous day.




Cristena + Paul: A Ginter Park Wedding

Cristena and Paul are the type of couple that make everything fun. From the first time we met over craft beer and glasses of wine, their light-hearted nature was apparent, and it really showed through on their wedding day! Cristena had a refreshingly laid-back approach to her planning- she requested that instead of meeting them for prep photos, we arrive right before the ceremony began. It was fun to jump right into the action! The neighborhood in northside of Richmond was perfect for a backdrop for a fall wedding.
C+P_blog001_1                                                                                                 Their faces as the walked toward each other…so much love!C+P_blog002_1C+P_blog004_1C+P_blog005_1                                 Surrounded by their family and dearest friends, Cristena and Paul promised each other forever.C+P_blog003_1 C+P_blog006_1C+P_blog007_1                                                           We  love that moment with a couple who has been married for exactly one minute!
C+P_blog008_1C+P_blog009_1                                     While the guests headed to the reception to enjoy  cocktails, we spent some time photographing the fabulous bridal party.C+P_blog011_1 C+P_blog013_1 C+P_blog014_1 C+P_blog015_1C+P_blog012_1 They say you can tell a lot about a couple by the people they spend their time with- if that’s true, it confirms Cristena and Paul are wonderful people. Perfect example:  Cristena’s bridesmaid Jessica opened the doors of her gorgeous home to host the wedding. What a true friend!2014-03-29_0031                                                            We stole away a little more time for couple portraits- always our favorite part of the day.C+P_blog017_1C+P_blog019_1C+P_blog016_1C+P_blog018_1                           When Cristena described her wedding dress to us, we knew it would be beautiful, but she made it simply breathtaking! C+P_blog022_1                                                                                                       Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning?C+P_blog021C+P_blog020_1                               The bride & groom were greeted with warm wishes and happy cheers as they entered the reception- they were ready to celebrate!

C+P_blog023_1                                                                           Every detail had a memorable touch. Even the pool was dressed for the occasion!C+P_blog024_1C+P_blog028_1                                                       When Paul surprised his wife by playing and singing a song he wrote for her, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.C+P_blog030_1
C+P_blog027_1 One of the benefits of having two lead photographers is complete coverage of tender moments. One of the following photos is from Jenny’s camera and the other is from Allison. C+P_blog025_1 C+P_blog026_1C+P_blog029_1 C+P_blog031_1 C+P_blog032_1C+P_blog033_1 The party was a total blast, perfect for such vibrant couple. Paul and Cristena, thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you. Cheers to many happy years together!

Virginia Weddings Favorites!

We are two photographers based in Richmond, Virginia. We work mainly in Virginia, Maryland and DC, but travel to destinations world wide. We would love to tell your love story!mandarin_oriental_wedding027

Sunday Paper


We are honored to have our photographs featured in the Sunday Richmond Times-Dispatch, Celebration section.  It was a joy to capture the American Heart Association’s annual heart ball ( you can read our blog post about the night here). They raised over 11 million dollars in a single evening to support cardiovascular research and the saving of lives!  Being involved with such a generous community  gives us, well, a happy heart. 

Happy Memorial Day

The sun set over Richmond on Sunday evening, but the night was just getting started. People gathered on blankets, lawn chairs, and patios of nearby restaurants. As the last of the light faded away, the band warmed the crowd up and the fireworks began. While fireworks might seem unusual for Memorial Day weekend, they were so perfect for the occasion. We all could use a moment to pause, take in the night sky, and remember the folks who have gone before us.  So whether you’re hitting a cookout with friends, or enjoying an afternoon by the pool, we hope you enjoy a taste of freedom today and send a quiet thank you to those who have provided it. Happy Memorial Day!



“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” — Benjamin Disraeli

Giving Back: The Richmond Heart Ball

 Running a thriving photography business is a blessing we don’t take for granted- we recognize and appreciate on a regular basis how luck we are to do earn a living doing what we love. That’s why we feel it is so important to use our platform as well as our talents to leave the world a better place. One of our goals for 2013 is to volunteer ourselves for causes that improve our community. When the American Heart Association approached us about donating photography for their fundraising event, we knew we had to pitch in! We teamed up with our dear friend Rusten (that’s him on the Right & Jenny on the left) at Eagle Eye Photography. Held at the Virginia Science Museum, the event was nothing less than stunning.473041_10151410481572934_369948810_o

The Richmond community showed incredible support for the cause:  Dr. Michael Rao, president of VCU, and his wife Monica served as co-chairs. They are pictured here with host for the evening, Jason Roop, Editor in Chief of Style Weekly. 2013-05-15_0004

Mosaic catering created a breath taking scene as usual, complete with live greek statues and flower pot desserts that called for a double take. 2013-05-15_00012013-05-15_0002We could go on about the details, but the true success is in the generous hearts of the people: together, everyone donated $685,00 to fund research and education to help stop heart disease!   For all the lives that will be saved, that is something to cheer about.2013-05-15_0003

We are honored to have been part of this event. If you are interested in getting involved with the cause, please visit the Greater Richmond American Heart Association website. You can also read more about the evening here in the Richmond-Times Dispatch.


Richard and Sharon

Richard and Sharon tied the knot on a Sunday in April.  With a perfect mix of ceremonial tradition and personal touches, these two celebrated their commitment to each other.  Steeped in Jewish tradition and humor, their love for one another was unmistakable.  Mazel tov!

2013-05-06_003 2013-05-06_002

2013-05-06_0012013-05-06_006 2013-05-06_005 2013-05-06_0042013-05-06_010 2013-05-06_009 2013-05-06_008 2013-05-06_0072013-05-06_016 2013-05-06_015 2013-05-06_014 2013-05-06_013 2013-05-06_0112013-05-06_0122013-05-06_018 2013-05-06_0172013-05-06_023
2013-05-06_021 2013-05-06_020 2013-05-06_0192013-05-06_027 2013-05-06_026 2013-05-06_025 2013-05-06_024

Adventures in photography: Alberta, Canada

Old friends, new places, and plenty of conversation. And a little (ok, a LOT) of snow to top it off?  It was almost more than my little photographer heart could stand!  In late November, I packed my camera gear, my warmest clothes, and my passport to head north.

Keeping with my goal to put a stamp on the passport at least once a year, I flew up to Calgary, Alberta, where I was greeted by lifetime friend and mentor, Holly. Everyone needs a Holly. She’s the late night skyping, advice giving, laughing at your awful jokes kind of friend. She remembers how awkward you were at 13, but doesn’t remind you. And she greets you at the airport with a giant sign that causes everyone to stare. You can read her account of our trip here. Holly is an author, and blows my writing out of the water. Which is why I took plenty of photos.

First stop? Banf! This ski resort, mountain town will take your breath away. We swam in natural springs, browsed the adorable rows of shops, and rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain, where the view was STUNNING.


Terrified that a slip would send me to a terrible end, I stuck close to the side, but had to get plenty of shots of the beautiful winter scene.  The gorgeous snow drifts warmed this former Wisconsin girl’s heart. Don’t be surprised to see these in a Christmas card next year.2013-05-02_0002




The rest of the week was filled with photo shoots. We had quite the agenda: family portraits, head shots for Holly’s upcoming book cover, couples session for Holly and her hubby, Peter, and some children’s portraits to boot. We were so lucky to have access to a stunning location: a 1950’s department store, closed but still partially furnished. Old dressing rooms and sales counters were fair game. We even found a few cool props, including the store safe! The shoot was pure fun.



Peter & Holly, you two know how to work the camera! This is after more than 10 years of marriage, and you still look good in love!

2012-11-28_009So what does a decade of marriage mean? A gorgeous family! These guys were so playful. We were given full access to the local theater’s wardrobe, and they put it to good use.



This little guy stole the show!

I’ll leave you with an image of Toronto sky on the flight home. It was already dark out, but as the plane rose in the sky, we could see the glimmer of the sunset. A perfect ending!2013-05-02_0005

Philip + Tara: A Williamsburg Winery Proposal

When Philip contacted me about photographing his proposal, I was so impressed with his attention to detail. He confided that his beautiful girlfriend Tara is a master planner, and he was determined to out-do her with this magical night.  Philip, your love for Tara is even brighter than the gorgeous diamond you put on her ring.

The evening began at the delicious  Cafe Provencal; many thanks to their  coordinator Carroll Bull for pulling this off with out a hitch! Philip arranged for what Tara thought was a meal for her and her best friend, Trisha, to dine on the patio. He had everything in place, right down to champagne and flowers.When Tara arrived for dinner,Trishaexcused herself and left Tara waiting alone at the table. What Tara didn’t know; the lady seated a table over (me!) had a camera in her lap, and there was a videographer hiding in the bushes! As soon as Philip stepped into the courtyard, the secret was out.

2013-04-24_0002 2013-04-24_0003

2013-04-24_0004 2013-04-24_0006 2013-04-24_0005


Of course Tara said yes! She didn’t realize that Philip had more in store for her…Tara’s family and closest friends were tucked away, peeking through the window and watching with great anticipation…you can see them peeking down in the photo below! After a few hugs and kisses, we stole away for some celebration portraits. Tara and Philip, you two look incredible together.

2013-04-24_0007 2013-04-24_0010 2013-04-24_0009 2013-04-24_0008



After enjoying a mini photo session, we headed inside to grab dinner. Tara came through the door to the applause and congratulations from her friends and family…the look on her face says it all. Philip, you pulled off the perfect proposal. May you two have many happy years together!