One of the loveliest parts of our job is getting to network with people
outside our specific profession. Every weekend, we get to meet talented vendors who bring their unique touch to the wedding industry. Here at Capture, we want to start sharing that expertise with you, our Brides and clients. These experts are too brilliant to be kept a secret! We hope that we can help you get to know them and love them as much as we do!

This week, we’re talking to Kelley Farlow, a hair stylist, makeup artist, and green beauty blogger! She brings an amazing energy to the wedding day, and did we mention she has fabulous taste in accessories? Kelley does hair and makeup for commercial shoots, and has worked for agencies in Miami and New York as well.

We started by asking her, what sets you apart as an artist? Kelley explains, “My love for editorial fashion and enhancing natural beauty. Doing makeup for agencies requires the skill and knowledge of applying makeup, without it looking like the model is actually wearing makeup…this really helped me build and strengthen my skills as an artist. Every individual I
have worked with has their own unique features that can be enhanced in their own way.
I have so many clients who are amazed at how even thesimplest makeup application can completely change how they feel!”

We love being a part of the Brides day, and we know other vendors feel the same, so we asked Kelley, what is your favorite part of the wedding experience? I love being able to be a part of such a special time is someone’s life. I also really enjoy the style of wedding makeup; it’s so clean and fresh, and when you see everything come together (hair, makeup and the dress) it is an absolutely amazing feeling!”

Of course we couldn’t resist asking for an inside beauty tip to share with our clients, and Kelley suggest this:Take extra good care of your skin; especially the month before your wedding! Drink lots of water to help keep it clear, and never sleep with your makeup on!”

Be sure to check out her website at! We know you’ll love her as much as we do! And check out the stunning finished product, the gorgeous Jennifer & her hubby Cameron captured at a recent wedding we shot with Rutsen Eagle, of Eagle Eye Photography LLC.